Open Interfaces

Power-Ops platform integrates AMI, SCADA, DMS and Billing systems, easily and securely through versatile open APIs.


Power-Ops Processing Engine features evolving, multilayered data analysis, tailored to the needs of modern Smart Energy Grids.

Business Intelligence

Power-Ops Business Intelligence Services effectively transform analyzed data into energy insights that actually matter.


Power-Ops Platform is designed to be easily extendible to match your needs.

Energy Analytics

Power-Ops Platform securely combines and processes large volumes of data from various sources to come up with timely, detailed grid state estimations and energy-related forecasts varying from ultra-short to long-term levels.

Business Intelligence

Power-Ops Platform provides information about Power Losses and Theft, also generating effective Demand Response plans, allowing the integration of more Renewable Energy Sources.

Customized Solutions

Power-Ops Platform features a Plugin Registry Service enabling the quick and easy expansion of our platform with tools and processes tailored to your needs.

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